A New Way to Engage with Text

Chamber Theatre's, ENCORE!! The Entertainment Edition, allows students and teachers alike to become immersed in the world of these six influential short pieces of literature! This package is a true virtual field-trip that transports its viewers to the different cities and landscapes that inspired their iconic writer's.

Run Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes


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We Now Offer Teacher Group Rates!

Exclusively available for multiple teachers at the same school.

2 Teachers - $250 ($150 for first and $100 for second teacher)
3 Teachers - $325 ($150 for first, $100 for second, and $75 for third)
4 Teachers - $375 ($150 for first, $100 for second, $75 for third, $50 for fourth)

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Entertainment Edition Flat Rate

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  ENCORE!!: The Entertainment Edition
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